In honour of White Ribbon Day, which marks the international day of the elimination of violence against women, we’re launching a new phase of our campaign. We’re asking you to write to the hospitality venues that you use, and ask them to take a zero tolerance approach towards sexual harassment.

This is how you can get involved:

  1. Check to see if your favourite hospitality venue has signed up to the campaign. You can do this by checking this list.
  2. If they haven’t signed up, copy and paste the below template into an email, remembering to add yours and the businesses name.
  3. Find a contact email address for the business, the example below shows how you can find their general email address:

4. Copy us in at, so we know who has been contacted

Email template

Dear [business name],
I’m writing, as a regular customer of yours, to encourage you to sign up to the ‘Know the Line’ campaign, pledging zero tolerance of sexual harassment for customers or staff throughout Sheffield’s hospitality sector.
Many businesses have already signed up, and the campaign is backed by lots of local partners, including Sheffield Star, Sheffield City Council, UNIGHT, SCR Hospitality, Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, Sheffield BID, South Yorkshire Police, Sheffield TUC and more. You may have seen the coverage of the campaign in the Star, and every business which signs up will be positively promoted on the campaign website and through social media.
As I’m sure you know, sexual harassment is all too common, with most women and girls having experienced it. As a customer, it’s important to me that this issue is tackled, which is why I’m asking you to sign the zero tolerance pledge, which commits you to:

  1. Providing a great environment for all customers and staff.
  2. Protecting everyone with zero tolerance of sexual harassment.
  3. Promoting these values and responding seriously to any complaints about
    inappropriate behaviour.

You can find more information and resources on the website: and on the Equality Hub Network Sheffield
site: These link to local projects, groups, charities and support services, as well as more information about tackling sexual harassment.
The campaign builds on the success of initiatives like ‘Ask for Angela’ which provides support for people who feel unsafe, intimidated, or threatened in venues. If you’re not familiar with the scheme, you can find out more and get involved here:
Thank you for reading my letter, and I hope you’ll join other local businesses in taking a stand against sexual harassment.

With best wishes,
[your name]

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